Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fixing Some Of The Issues With Windows Live Movie Maker

One of the most annoying errors that you would encounter while using Windows Live Movie Maker is the application crashing error. This might happen repeatedly, not giving you much time to save your data. In such cases, you may contact Windows tech support online for a solution. Better yet, just uninstall the application – which is now full of errors – and install the error-free version from the official Windows website.

Uninstalling the Windows Live Movie Maker from your system

However, some of the Windows users can send us their queries saying they could not find the Windows Live Movie Maker in the Add or Remove Programs section in the Control Panel. The Windows Live Movie Maker application would not be listed here.

This is because Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery and other such applications are included in the Windows Live Essentials software package. You do not have to get rid of the entire software package to get rid of the Movie Maker application.

Go to the Add or Remove Programs section in the Control Panel and select the Windows Live Essentials link shown there. Now click on the Uninstall or Remove option that you would found there. This would launch the un-installation wizard for the Windows Live Essentials. Here, you will be asked to choose, which all applications who want to be removed from the system.

Select the Windows Live Movie Maker application from the list shown and click Next. This would start the un-installation of the Windows Live Movie Maker from your system, which would be over in a few seconds.

Now, restart the system. Go online to the official Windows tech support website and click on the link for downloading the Windows Live Movie Maker application for the version of your OS. Once the installer application is downloaded fully, run it and follow the installation prompts from the wizard.

You might be asked to restart the system again to finish the installation. Now open the Windows Live Movie Maker and see if you are again experiencing the same problem. If so, the problem was not with the Windows Live Movie Maker application.

In such cases, the error that your are facing might be caused by a virus infection or by some error in the Windows Explorer application. Get support from the Windows tech website to fix this issue.


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