Sunday, December 14, 2014

Omni Tech Desk Offers Affordable Support For Windows XP PCs

I was shocked when Microsoft announced last April that it was going to end support for Windows XP because more than a dozen of old PCs in my office had Windows XP operating system in them. I had no other option but to continue using XP because most of the PCs had very low hardware configurations.

Obviously, upgrading to a new Windows operating system was not a choice for me. In fact, I had checked this option with a number of experts and they told me that I had to upgrade my hardware in order to install a latest Windows operating system, say Windows 7 or Windows 8. Well, after estimating the cost to upgrade the hardware parts of my old PCs and the cost to upgrade the OS, it became clear to me that the overall cost is almost equal to buying dozens of new PCs preinstalled with a latest operating system. Hence, I decided to sign a contract with a third party tech support provider for my Windows XP computers.

Omni Tech support for Windows XP

Omni Tech support was introduced to me by my friend. He told me that it was the best third party tech support service for Windows XP. However, when I searched about the company online, I got to see more Omni Tech support fraud reports than good reviews. Later on, it was revealed to me by a happy OmniTech customer that they were just scams, aimed at redirecting people who are trying to contact Omni Tech support.

When I contacted Omni Tech support desk first time, seeking technical support for my Windows XP machines, I was requested by them to take a look at different subscription offers they have. Because I had almost a dozen of old PCs and I had no plan to ditch them shortly, I took a one year subscription plan. As per my request, they helped me customize the subscription package with services that I most wanted.

Omni Tech support desk covers a wide range of issues. I contacted them on several occasions for support, to resolve issues like virus infection, software corruption, OS corruption, network connection issues etc. Each time, they were able to fix the issue in less than half an hour.

As an experienced user, I advise all Windows XP users to seek support from OmniTech desk to ensure better security for their PCs. Furthermore, I advise you to ignore Omni Tech support fraud reports because they are all just fake.

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