Monday, January 5, 2015

What Does The Latest Microsoft Lync 2013 Offer?

Among unified communication platforms, Microsoft Lync has got an envious place, thanks to its exciting features. The recently released version, Microsoft Lync 2013, offers seamless opportunities for users who wish to implement MS UC. Testimonies from users of the Microsoft Lync 2010 indicate that they have been able to ensure substantial cost reduction. A firm that employs 100 employees report that they could reduce about £2.5million merely with the use of the Microsoft Lync for their operations.


According to OmniTech reviews, the most productive feature in Microsoft Lync 2013 is its ability to integrate real time info from VoIP, MS Office, video conferencing and IM. This integrative feature adds productivity and leverage efficiency. Reports indicate that Microsoft is planning to roll out frequent updates to the latest version - MS Lync 2013. The upcoming upgrade to Lync 2013 will also contain UC server upgrade.

Lync 2013 is not completely different from the previous version - Report

According to experienced users, the latest version MS Lync 2013 is not entirely different from its predecessor version Lync 2010. In fact, Microsoft hasn’t added much new features to this version but has improved all the existing features tremendously. However, folks who have used both Lync 2010 and Lync 2013 admit that that the latest version contains more powerful features. Sources privy to Microsoft reveal that the tech giant is planning to integrate better resiliency with the upcoming update for the latest Lync version.

Latest update to MS Lync 2013 adds better IM and Chat features

The recent update rolled out to MS Lync 2013 is said to have improved the IM and Chat features to a great extent. The group chat feature in the former versions of Lync had excited its users. Interestingly, Microsoft retained this feature. On top of that, it has integrated a persistent chat feature. Users are free to enable or disable the persistent chat feature. The advantage with the persistent chat feature is that it will let you retain the previous chat sessions or the history. As a result, when a new chat is begun, the user does not have to repeat the synopsis of the previous chat if it is going to be the follow-up of the same.

The brand new features added with Microsoft Lync 2013 are certain to thrill enterprise users. To determine how the new Lync version can benefit your business, contact our OmniTech Support Desk. Reading Omnitech reviews can also help you get more details about the application.

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