Monday, April 1, 2013

Steps To Setup Microsoft Outlook To Receive Comcast Email

Microsoft allows Comcast subscribers to synchronize multiple email accounts with Outlook. Setting up a Comcast account in Outlook 2010 is easy. All you need to do this is type in your name, Comcast email address and password. Follow the steps below to configure your Comcast account in Microsoft outlook.

Outlook email setup Instructions 

  • Administrator permission is required before making any changes in the computer. For this, login through the administrator account at startup.
  • Launch the Start Menu by clicking on the Start icon located on the bottom left corner of the Home Screen Taskbar.
  • Launch the Outlook Express Microsoft application. To launch Outlook Express, click on the label Microsoft Outlook, in the Start Menu Pop. Alternatively, you can launch Microsoft Outlook Express 2010 by clicking on the desktop shortcut icon. 
  • Select the File option from the Quick access toolbar. Hit the Add Account option beneath the label Account Settings. This will open Auto Account Setup window. Fill in your account details. Enter your Email Address and Username next to the corresponding labels. 
  • Check whether Outlook is able to auto-detect the Comcast account details. If yes, it will auto-enter your Email address and Username into the respective spaces. Hit the radio button if wrong details are displayed in the respective fields. Clicking the radio button will allow you to Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types. Delete the details that do not belong and enter correct email and username details when prompted to do so. Enter the required information if name and address fields are blank.
  • Hit the Next option after entering the correct details. Now Microsoft Outlook will attempt to connect to the Comcast mail server for the first time. Enter your Comcast user name and password when prompted (you can get this from your ISP). Make sure that you enter the correct email and username details when prompted. Once your account is verified, outlook will confirm your connection and will set up your account. Click yes to connect and finish the process. Outlook will automatically set your outgoing and incoming server details.

Follow these instructions for Outlook Email setup and receive Comcast Email. For more assistance on the same, buzz us on our 24/7 hour helpline (toll-free) or email us with your query and we will get back to you promptly! You may also seek support from our tech blogs and open discussion forums.  

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