Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stop Help And Support Service

The Windows operating system comes with many program features and services to improve the user experience and enhance the program functions in the computer system. When you start a computer that runs on Windows, it will run many additional services in the background besides the programs that you manually opened and running. Windows XP is one such operating system that possesses many services and provides valuable experience to your usage. 
These Windows XP services may sometimes host many unnecessary features that uses additional memory and system processor power which is taxing on the system! Help and Support service is one such services that run in the background on Windows XP. The function of this service is to guide a user to use the help and troubleshooting tools. 
This Windows support service may not be of much or any help to any users who wish to disable the service to enhance the memory and system capacity. Follow the steps shared below to disable this service while using Windows XP.
Steps to Follow 
• Click on the Start menu located at the bottom of the screen and select the Control Panel option in the menu. Under the Control Panel, click on Administrative Tools and select Services.  
• On the Services page, located and click on the tab marked as standard. A list of services will appear and click on the Help and Support option from the list.
• On the Help and Support option, double-click and select the option Disabled in the field beside Startup Type. Confirm the changes by clicking on Apply button.
• Restart the computer. Restarting the system will bring the changes into effect.
Tips and Support
• After following the steps mentioned above, if the Help and Support service is still functioning, change the service status. Follow the steps shared and change the Status Type to Enabled. Restart the system and the service will be turned on.
• You can also click the Stop button in Help and Support window. This will end the Windows support service at once but may start again in the future when you start your computer. Change the Startup type to prevent this.
Following these simple steps, you can successfully disable the Help and Support service on your Windows XP. It would be a good idea to install a maintenance software that would be able to advice on you on which application to uninstall or disable.

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