Monday, January 7, 2013

How to recover deleted email messages in Microsoft Outlook?

I can say with conviction that Microsoft Outlook is a well accepted instant messaging software program that comes attached with the Microsoft Office suite application. Microsoft incorporates a help option for Outlook users, from where they can avail the solution for their FAQ’s concerning Microsoft outlook.
Last week I decided to put together all my Outlook messages together in a separate folder, so that I can quickly reach the messages whenever I need it. Suddenly I noticed that some of my important messages got deleted when I compact the Outlook email folders. By following the below instructions from the Outlook Express Help team, I was able to recover all the deleted Outlook mail messages.
Open  windows startup menu by clicking the start button. From the start menu, select the all programs option.
Now select the Microsoft Outlook folder and click to open it.
Choose the tools option from the main menu bar and then click the options tab.
Navigate to  the Maintenance tab and then choose the store folder option.
Show up the store-folder path and then press and hold the ctrl+C key on your keyboard to copy the path.
Now click the start button and navigate to my computer option in the startup menu. In order to paste the folder path in the directory address bar, press and hold the ctrl+V keys on your keyboard.
When done, click the enter button to view the contents of the folder.
Click tools tab and then select the folder option from the drop down list.
Now select the show hidden files and folders option to view all the hidden files and folders. When done, trigger the OK button.
Now right click on any region in the store-folder page and then select the new folder option from the pop up menu that opens up. Then you can drag and paste all the files with DBX extension into the new folder you created.
Open the recycle bin tab on your desktop screen and double  click on it. Now right click on each file with bak extension and then choose the restore option to restore all the deleted files.
Once you finish selecting files with bak extension, right click on each file again and then pick out the rename option from the menu that displays. Now replace the bak suffix with dbx. When done trigger the enter key.
That’s all the information from the Outlook Express help crew to recover email messages in Microsoft Outlook after compacting. Thank you!


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