Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fixing up the Outlook Express Data Files

Microsoft Outlook Express is an email program that comes along with the Windows operating systems. It helps to facilitate the Windows users with an enhanced option to send and receive emails.  This program from the inventory of Microsoft is equipped with a tool to check if the file structure is undamaged or not. If it is, then the Inbox Repair tool in the Microsoft Outlook Express will repair the file and its structure. Keep a tab on these instructions laid out by the Microsoft Outlook repair crew to see of the file structure errors in Outlook.
Check if the Microsoft Outlook Express is currently running on your computer. If so, exit it.
Now hit the “Scanpst.exe” tab twice and go to the destination path “:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12”.
In order to check a type of file you will have to provide the name of the particular “.pst” or “.ost” file and hit the “Browse” tab to scan the file system.
Navigate to the “Options” tab and choose a particular option as per your requirement.
Initiate the scan by triggering the “Start” tab.
Hang around until the scan is complete, if the system brings up some sort of error then follow the on screen instructions to fix those errors.
o Prior to this process the Outlook Express will carry out a back up of the files stored in the inbox so that they won’t be lost during the process. An Outlook user can make modifications to the name of this file by accessing these files from the “Browse” button.
Tag on the “Repair” tab.
Now with the aid of the repaired “,pst” file initiate the Microsoft Outlook Express.
Get to the “Folder list” that lies within the “Go” tab.
o All the lost and recovered folders and files will be kept in a folder portrayed with the label “Recovered Personal Folders” which lies inside the “Folder list” window. The folders inside the Recovered Personal Folders will be normally restored in to the same .pst format.
Once you have found the recovered personal folder, shape up a new .pst file and drag in all the files that lies inside the lost and found folder. Once you have finished loading up the files into the new .pst file you can delete those folders from your Microsoft Outlook Express profile.
For more information and if you are a user that prefers a remote desktop assistance, drop a line in the Microsoft Outlook repair center.

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