Monday, February 3, 2014

About Removing The Windows Live Software Package From Your System

If you were a Windows OS user, you would find many pre-installed Microsoft applications in your system. Depending on the version of the Windows operating system that you are using, you are likely to get different sets of applications as part of the Windows Live software package. Windows Live messenger and Windows Live mail are likely to be there in all versions.

In certain versions, you would also get other useful applications like Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, etc. All of these applications can be linked to the Windows Live network online. Users can access these services using their Windows Live account ID, and also seek help from the Windows Live help website.

Uninstalling the Windows Live mail applications

You might not be using any or some of these Windows Live applications. If that were the case, then it would be best to uninstall them, so as to free up the system memory. Removing these applications from the system does not delete your Windows Live account.

You would still be able to access your account as well as the Windows Live help website, using the same ID and password. You can use your web browser for this purpose. Also, you do not need to delete the entire Windows Live software package. You can choose which of the applications you want removed from the system.

Uninstalling the software package is very easy. Go to your system’s Control Panel. Click on the Add or Remove Programs option. There in the list, find Windows Live Essentials. Once you click on the Uninstall option for this, the un-installation wizard would give you a Remove one or more Windows Live programs option. You can either choose to get rid of the entire package from the system, or choose to keep some of them.

If the reason for your decision to uninstall the software package is the default start-up of the Windows Live applications, then you could change these settings easily. Most of us prefer to use third party chat applications and video editors, than the ones freely provided with the Windows OS. You can set these as the default applications in your system.

Remember to backup any data you might have saved in these applications, before you uninstall them. If you encounter any errors during the un-installation, contact the Windows tech support online.

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