Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review Of Facebook Messenger App For Windows Phone

Every day, new third party software companies are releasing their apps in the Windows app store. Facebook Messenger was amongst the first to release their Microsoft 8 compatible app in the Window app store because of its popular demand. Even with its swiftness, a lot of users contacted the Microsoft help forum inquiring why Facebook is not integrated into Windows 8 by default. Like its previous versions, it lets you send messages, photos and stickers to your Facebook friends.

Getting Started with Facebook Messenger

After installation, you will be prompted to log in using your Facebook account upon loading. Once the website has loaded, the app will further request for your phone number, so that even people who have your phone number can contact you in the messenger, even if the person is not friends with you in Facebook. Do note that this feature is optional and can be opted out of.

Facebook Messenger Features

If you are a Facebook user, chances are you have been using the mobile Facebook messenger app for some time. Even if you are a first time user, you will feel familiar once you start using the app because of the design similarity with Facebook.com.

The main screen, which is called Recent, will show all the recent conversations you had with your friends. Upon installation, this screen will not have any conversations. Upon use, you will see the last message, name and display picture of the friends you had conversation with.

Next to the photos, a narrow color icon shows if the user is online or not. If the icon is blue, it shows that the user is using the Facebook Messenger App and is currently logged in and available. If the icon is grey, it means that the user is not online at the moment.

By swiping your finger or tapping on the pages, you can enter the other pages in the app. These are Messenger and Active respectively. As the name suggests, Active gives a list of users that are online at the moment while Messenger gives the complete list of all your friends. Both these pages could have been integrated into a single one which shows the entire friend list and online contacts. The current design is redundant and rarely used by most users.

If you have any issues installing or running the Facebook Messenger on Windows 8 platform, feel free to contact the Microsoft help forum.

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