Sunday, June 29, 2014

How To Fix Outlook Errors With Slow Loading Emails In Outlook

Email clients are programs, which allow users to add their internet email accounts in them and use it to download emails from the internet servers to the user computers. Majority of email client programs allow users to add many email accounts and create multiple profiles. One such email client that has large number users is Microsoft’s Outlook. This email client program comes as one of the applications in Microsoft’s Office Suite package.

Now, Outlook can sometimes give its users a few troubles. One such trouble occurs when you encounter the error message Outlook will not load email or it takes too long to load emails. So, what are the reasons behind this issue? The first reason behind this issue is the large number of emails you have in the inbox. With large number of emails in the inbox folder, the program starts to take a bit longer to load all the data. In order to fix this issue, wait for a few seconds or even minutes until the program loads completely.

When the program loads, choose the option Tools from the menu bar and click Options. Select the tab Other and then choose the option AutoArchive. Check the box for AutoArchive Every and then click OK. Select the button OK in the next window. With the above-mentioned step, the Outlook program will start to save the old messages in the inbox folder to the archives. This means, the program has to load lesser data during the startup.

The second reason for the failure to load emails quickly can be associated with registry errors. Keep in mind that Registry is one of the major places where you have the important settings for the operating system and programs stored. Any errors to this database can lead to issues with various programs installed in the computer.

In order to fix the errors with the Registry, you may use any of the registry cleaning tools. You can find many registry cleaning tools and therefore, finding the best one could be difficult. Go through a few online reviews and find out a good program. Download and install the registry-cleaning program and run it on the computer to fix the issues with the Registry. Make sure that you take a backup of the registry before running the program.

With the above steps, you can fix the error Outlook will not load and the other issues associated with the Outlook program. For further help, you may contact our technical support team.

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