Friday, June 6, 2014

Outlook Is Not Just An Email Client

If you use the Microsoft Outlook program to manage your email messages, then you will have quite a number of email addresses stored in the Outlook address book. You might already know that you can add addresses of one or more of your contacts in many different ways with just one click of the mouse. But, if this is the only way that you are using the contacts in the Outlook address book, then you are not making use of the feature to its full capacity. This article discusses some of the ways in which you will be able to tap into the full power of the Outlook program.

Make A Contact From An Email Message

The user can drag and drop a message into the contacts folder to make a new contact automatically using the name and the email address from the message header. The body of the message will appear in the Notes section that can be a valuable reminder of why this particular person contacted you in the first place. If the sender of the message has given their website address, telephone number, email address or any other important information, you will be able to copy it and then paste it into the correct fields.

Assign Categories To Your Contacts

If you have many contacts in your contacts list, it is likely that you might lose track of people that can include the prospective clients also. By assigning categories to contacts, you will be able to easily locate the names of the people that you need to contact for any reason.

The Microsoft Outlook program comes with a number of standard categories, but you may need to make some categories of your own, based on your individual needs. To do this, click on the Edit button, select Categories, then go to Master Category List and then type in your new category. Any categories that are added to the Master Category List will also be available in the Outlook Calendar and Tasks area.

Print An Address Book

Many of the users who use a paper planner does not see the need to type in the address details in Outlook other than the email address and name. Not only is it very easy to print the address book from the Outlook program, but also it offers many options for print layouts, including the layouts for the popular planners like Day Runner, Franklin Covey products and Day Timer.

These are some of the few ways, in which you can tap into the full power of the Microsoft Outlook program.

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