Friday, May 9, 2014

Problems And Glitches In Windows 8 Start Screen

The latest operating system released by Microsoft is the Windows 8. In this new operating system, the tech giant introduced a new Start screen and an interface known as Metro user interface. However, it has some Windows 8 problems in Start screen. Now, let’s look at what the glitches and problems associated with Windows 8 Start screen are.

A preview release of the new operating system was released to the public ahead of its full release. The Windows 8 OS contains many features like Charms bar, Start screen and moreover, you can use UI in Windows Explorer. The complete details regarding the features of the Windows 8 OS can be seen in the review pages associated with Windows 8 in web blogs. However, a weird bug was found by the AskVG reader called Uewd in both the editions of Windows 8 including both 32-bit and 64-bit.

This issue is mainly seen when you try to search for an item or an app by using the search option in the Windows 8 Charms bar. If you want to check this bug in your Windows 8 machine and to know more about it, read the steps given in the following paragraphs.
  • To show the Charms bar, you need to move the mouse cursor to the top right side of your Windows 8 desktop screen. Click on the Search option when you get access to the Windows 8 Charms bar.
  • Now the entire app page will open and you can enter any search items in the Search box. 
  • In the Search box, enter any item including its EXE file name like explorer, calc, iexplore.
  • The Apps section that is seen under the Search box will display the accurate results when you enter the file name with EXT in the Search box.
To see the bug, you need to click the section called Settings, then Files that is seen under the section called Apps. The count of the results of the section called Apps will be increased by one as soon as you click on any one of the items.
  • If you click on the section called Apps once again, then you will see that the count will be restored back to one. Clicking it once again will raise the count to 2. 
These are the problems and glitches associated with Windows 8 Start screen. For help on any Windows 8 problems, contact the Windows 8 support team.

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