Friday, July 18, 2014

An Overview Of Windows Vista Drivers

During the installation of storage devices, Windows Vista does not use the drivers that the user specifies. The Windows Vista generally requires an update or new drivers so as to function smoothly and without any problems since the OS is not compatible with a number of older hardware and software. Now, let’s look on to it in detail.

Generally, Windows Vista installation disc is used for installing the operating system and the user needs to use the option of Advanced settings found in the Windows Vista setup to indicate the storage device driver during the time of installation of Windows Vista. During the overall scenario, the storage device server specified by the user at the time of installation will be loaded. Moreover, the OS will be compatible to those drivers that are there in the installation disc.

Windows Vista does not provide the storage device information about the drivers specified by the user during the installation of the Windows Vista operating system. Even though Windows Vista appears to make use of the .inf file, it will not be displayed even if it is the same as that of the storage device driver that the user specified during the installation.

A user needs to load the specific driver again to resolve the problems. Well, given below are some steps provided by the Windows Vista help team that will help you to load the specific drivers again.
  • Open the CD/DVD drive of your computer and insert the installation disc for Windows Vista in to it. 
  • From the installation disc, you need to reboot your computer. 
  • Insert the media that contains the new storage device driver. 
  • By using the Advanced settings, you need to configure the Windows Vista Setup program.


To load the particular driver from the media, it is necessary to click the option labeled Load Driver. This will help the user to use the specific driver by configuring the Windows Vista Setup program. However, if you are using the drivers for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP in Windows Vista, then it may lead to several technical faults. It is regarding this reliability of the Windows operating system that the tech giant has received more criticism.

These are some of the information provided by the Windows Vista help team regarding Windows Vista drivers. For more information regarding this, contact our Microsoft tech support team.

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