Monday, April 21, 2014

Steps To Add Calendar Labels In Microsoft Outlook

Some people use Microsoft Outlook only to send and receive emails. They are unaware of the numerous tools and features present in the program. Microsoft Outlook not only helps you to send and receive emails, but also helps you to organize meetings and schedule appointments. This is made possible using various Microsoft Outlook tools like Calendar, tasks etc. In this post, we will take you through the steps to create labels in the program.

For Outlook versions 2002 and 2003
  • Choose the Start menu by selecting the Windows logo in the desktop. Select the option All Programs and then place the mouse cursor over Microsoft Office. This will open a sub menu with the list of Microsoft Office programs. Select Microsoft Outlook from the list.
  • Once the Outlook program comes up, click the option Calendar.
  • Choose Label, which you will find under the option Edit. Next step is to choose the option Edit Labels and this will open the list of labels that can be edited.
  • You may choose any of the labels from the list. Choose the contents in the label and enter texts in the corresponding field. This will remove the default contents and replace it with the new contents entered.
  • You may repeat the steps and modify the labels that you want.
  • Choose the button OK and this will save the changes.
For Outlook version 2007
  • Run Microsoft Outlook 2007 from its desktop shortcut. You may also launch the program by simply typing Outlook and pressing the enter key on the keyboard.
  • Select the option New and then Appointment. You may also launch the window for appointment by pressing the keys Ctrl, Shift and A simultaneously.
  • Select the option Categorize and then click All categories. This will launch the window for Color Categories.
  • You may create a new label by selecting the option New and then filling up the contents in the field for Name. Choose any of the color from the drop down box for Color. Select the button OK and this adds a new category.
  • You may alter any existing categories by choosing the category label and then selecting the option Rename.
  • Choose the option OK and then Color Categories, which will close the window.
With the above steps, you can create new labels in Microsoft Outlook. For additional help on Microsoft Outlook tools, you may contact our technical support team.

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