Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flash Media Errors On YouTube In IE 11

IE 11 is the latest version of the Internet Explorer released by the tech giant Microsoft. Like other versions of Internet explorer, IE 11 also shows some issues while playing Flash media and many such problems in displaying Flash sites are being reported at the Microsoft help forum. All the Windows operating systems like Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 experienced this issue. The users have experienced many problems like freezing completely to BSODs to repeated warnings to download the latest Flash player and site not loading properly.

These problems have been noted many times and up to now, Microsoft has not come up with any fix or explanation. Earlier this month, an IE patch was introduced and it was supposed to solve the issues associated with displaying flash sites. However, that did not happen. Now, the only solution left to the use is either to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

A little knowledge about its history is required to understand the nature of the problem. There are three primary infection targets for Windows PCs. One is Adobe Flash, the other is Adobe Acrobat and the final one is browser-based JavaScript. As a result, many of the Windows customers have suffered a lot because Adobe was unable to fix the security holes.

At the time of launch of IE10 along with Windows 8 operating system, the flash player was included within the IE browser and the customers do not need to download and install the flash player separately.  The Flash Player in IE came up with a lot of features. However, only the flash sites that were in Microsoft’s white list could be accessed. But, the sites that are not in the white list will be blocked automatically and the flash plug-in will not be played.

However, the things went on to change very quickly, when Microsoft came up with an announcement that they decided to turn the Flash white list of IE10 to IE10 Flash blacklist. As a result, the operation of the built in Flash player will be as before but the XML file that containing the white list websites was modified to accommodate new sites that were in the black list. This has led to many problems.

Therefore, Microsoft needs to find a very quick fix to solve the problems while playing Flash sites in Internet Explorer 11. To know more about the problem and fixes, visit the Microsoft help forum.

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