Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mozilla Launches Firefox Aurora For Windows 8

Mozilla has recently launched the latest version of Firefox namely Firefox Aurora 26.0a2 and Firefox Beta 25.0b1. Although the Beta version has been uniformly supported by users, the Aurora alpha version seems to be one of the most talked about versions in the tech field. The main problem that several people cited was that to use Firefox Aurora alpha in Windows 8, it was required to set it as their default browser after installing.

According to the Mozilla Firefox support, the latest version can be termed as the introduction of a Windows 8 touch-optimized app in an alpha build, but it was previously available as a standalone pre-alpha release. Hence, the latest Firefox Aurora alpha version, which needs to be set as the default browser in the system after it is installed, would enable users to experience a Modern UI app that would comprise of a tile-based Start screen. Other notable features also support Firefox Sync, a Windows 8 touch as well as swipe gestures, and also the Windows Share integration. The users would also be able to snap and fill features with the latest Firefox Aurora alpha app.

According to Mozilla, Firefox Aurora 26.0a2 is a preview, and it would take some time before the actual version came out for the users. The preview has been released so that the company would be able to fix errors and bugs before they release the complete version for the Windows 8 users. According to the technicians at the Mozilla Firefox support, some of the features of the new Firefox Aurora app are as follows:

  • In the latest version, all the plug-ins have been defaulted to click-to-play by default. Hence, users must manually approve their use the first time a plug-in is evoked.
  • Here, users would be able to run more than one service at a time. This is possible due to the availability of the Firefox application named as SocialAPI. This would allow the users to switch between them, because it supports multiple notifications and chat.
  • Another advanced option available is the H.264 support on Linux, with the appropriate gstreamer plug-ins. The users can also decode MP3 on their Windows XP computer, as it includes support for all the versions of Windows.

These are some of the features of the Firefox Aurora 26.0a2 version developed by Mozilla. For more information, check Mozilla’s official website.

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