Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Remove Auto-complete Drop Down List In Outlook 2010

By configuring an email client program in your computer, you can start downloading emails from the internet email servers to your machine. This will help you to view and work with these emails even when there is no connection to the network. Some of the famous email client programs are Microsoft’s Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla’s Thunderbird etc.
Among the above-mentioned email client programs, Outlook has been the favorite of majority of email client users. This is because Outlook has numerous useful features loaded in it. It not only helps you to download and view emails, but also helps you to add tasks, maintain a schedule of things etc.
When you compose an email, you need to enter the complete email address of the sender in the field for To. However, the frequently used email addresses are stored in your Outlook program, and it automatically gives you a drop down list of email addresses whenever you start entering an address. This can avoid the difficulty of entering the complete email address each time. However, some users may find this feature annoying and might want to delete these suggestions. In this help with Outlook section, we will take you through the steps involved in deleting these entries from your Outlook 2010 program.

Steps Involved
  • Select the option Start and go to All Programs. 
  • From the list of all installed programs in your computer, locate and click on Microsoft Outlook 2010 to launch the program. 
  • Select the tab File in the program and choose Options from the box that appears. 
  • Choose the option Mail, and this will give you the options associated with your email messages. 
  • Locate the option Send Messages in the window and select Empty Auto-Complete List. This will open a window, which would ask you to confirm your selection. 
  • Choose the option Yes, and this will delete all the email addresses stored in the auto-complete list. 
  • Select the option OK and this will take you back to the main window of the program. 
  • Restart the program and select the New email option. 
  • Enter an email address and you will find that the auto-complete drop down list no longer appears in the program. 
We hope that the above-mentioned steps have helped you to clear the auto-complete list from your Outlook program. If you need further help with Outlook program, you may contact Microsoft chat support or our technical support associates.

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