Monday, January 20, 2014

Know About The Paid Support Service From Microsoft

Microsoft tech support is known for the extensive support that it provides to the users. Recently, Microsoft launched a support website wherein the users would have to pay $99 for one-two-hour sessions with the technicians. The technicians available in this website would fix most of the issues experienced by the users in their computer such as slow computer, malware attacks, or even problems with Windows or Microsoft Office.
However, the interesting fact is that unlike other promotions from Microsoft, this one was devoid of any fanfare or public announcements. Microsoft did not promote this news on its domain, nor did it mention this on its website. It however, appeared on the Microsoft Store site, the place where users can purchase software, the Xbox consoles and select different Windows desktops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones from Microsoft. Hence, it came as a surprise for many users, and most of them started calling the Microsoft problems and support chat number to know about it.
According to sources, Microsoft has made the latest support option as a low-key affair without publicizing it much. In a blog written by Blake Morrison, the name of the site mentioned is clearly a reference to the Answer Desks at Microsoft's store, which is modeled after Apple’s famous Genius Bar in-store tech support. As stated by the technicians at the Microsoft problems and support chat number, the rates for technical support range from $49 for an hour of personalized training, to $99 for one- or two-hour tech sessions. It primarily focuses on detecting in and cleaning a PC of malware, increasing the performance of the system, assisting the users by giving detailed information on Office, Internet connections, etc as well as managing files in the system.
The first chat with an Answer Tech would be free, but additional sessions would be billed as per the rates stated earlier, to the user’s credit card. In the FAQ section it is clearly mentioned by Microsoft that "If the Answer Tech cannot resolve your problem during that [complimentary session], and one of our service offers is appropriate for you, the Answer Tech will detail an offer and provide explanation of the service," stated the website. This simply means that there are chances that the customer would have to pay even in the initial session.
Hence, Microsoft promises to solve almost all the problems faced by the user in his computer, with this chat support. However, the fee that the company is charging is making most of the users reluctant to use it.

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