Monday, January 13, 2014

Microsoft Introduces IMAP Support For Users

Microsoft introduced a year ago, and since then users were expecting the software giant to introduce IMAP support for the program. Now, finally, Microsoft has decided to introduce IMAP support for the program, which is glad news for the millions of users.

The advantage of using IMAP protocol is that this protocol makes changes introduced in any of the device appear on other sets of devices where the email is configured. For instance, if you delete an email by accessing your account from your computer, you will find the email deleted when you access the Outlook email setup in your phone. This feature has many advantages, as most of the people access their accounts from multiple devices.

Since the introduction of, the program used Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync technology. However, the drawback of this technology was that some email clients and Mac programs did not support it. This created many problems and the users who relied on clients that did not use EAS technology had to use the POP protocol. The disadvantage of POP protocol is that it simply downloads the emails to the user’s machine and does not make changes in the email servers. Now, with ready with IMAP, let us see some of the important settings for the program.

Incoming mail server settings

For an Outlook email setup, you need to enter the following information in the client program without errors.

Server: The incoming mail server address for program is ‘’

Port: The incoming port number is 993.

Encryption: supports SSL encryption.

Outgoing mail server settings

Server: The outgoing mail server address for is ‘’

Port: The outgoing port number is 587

Encryption: The encryption supported by the program for outgoing mails is TLS.

OAuth authentication

In addition to IMAP support, Microsoft has also said that the program would start supporting OAuth authentication. With this, third party applications can work together with You can already find many services released for integration. For instance, if you integrate TripIt with your account, the program automatically identify travel confirmations and add them to the list. You can also make use of programs like OtherInbox and, which will help you to keep your inbox clean.

With the introduction of IMAP support and OAuth authentication, Microsoft has put up a tough fight against its competitor Google’s Gmail service.

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