Sunday, September 29, 2013

How To Find The Model Number On A Sony Laptop

Basically a laptop is a desktop-replacement computer that incorporates all the features and functions of a desktop computer system. It is generally considered a personal computer fit for mobile use. Laptop components such as display, keyboard, inbuilt speaker etc are similar to that of the desktop machines. But in the case of laptops, the difference is that all these components are mounted onto a single unit.
Now there are countless laptop manufacturers in the industry like Sony, Toshiba, HP, DELL, Compaq, Acer etc. Due to the high demand for laptops, each manufacturer is launching new models with stunning features.
The Sony Laptop Support team puts great efforts into maintaining the brand name of the company. The long battery life and the superb sound quality help Sony laptops to maintain their goodwill in the industry.
Listed below are the laptop series designed by Sony:
  • VAIO E Series
  • VAIO S Series
  • VAIO T Series 
  • VAIO Z Series
The distinctive Wrap design with stylish looks set the VAIO E series apart from the rest. Moreover, the E series is also available in different colors.
All laptops have a specific model number. This will be useful in case you come across any errors while using the laptop. For getting the solutions to fix the issues on your system, you have to provide the model number of your machine to the Sony Laptop Support team.

How to find out the Model number?

The model number normally begins with the letters VGN or PCG. So it is easy to spot the same. In order to obtain the entire serial number, combine the first three letters with the rest. Sometimes the model number is located on the LCD screen frame of Sony laptops. You can easily find it by opening the laptop screen. In Z series, the model number is displayed directly above the Keyboard.
The serial number of Sony laptops usually comes on a sticker on the rear side of the device. If you fail to find it from there then click the Start button and navigate to the Control Panel option. Now double click on the Sony Notebook Setup option. The entire information about your system will be displayed here. Note down the serial number from the list and keep it in a safe place.
If you have any further doubts, contact the Sony Support website and get more information.

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