Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to reinstate the security updates in your Windows Machine

Microsoft builds every operating system with a Windows update program built In with it. Windows XP is the first operating system in which they released Windows update and they have launched its successors like Vista and 7 with upgraded versions of the Windows Update. This program will improve the performance of your Windows machine with advanced updates to certain applications which wasn’t working well previously. This Windows update is also helpful in enhancing the security for potential security threats, software augments and other fixes for other internal errors. Most of the updates that have become available on the website will be downloaded in to your Windows machine automatically, but some updates will require authentication from your side. You can turn off/on this feature, it’s your wish! If you are having a change of mind later then follow these instructions and avoid calling up the Windows support numbers.
Startup menu can be unleashed by clicking on the “Start” button that lies on the bottom left corner of your Windows desktop. Once you click on the start button a menu will crop up in which you would be able to see a tab with the label “All programs” in it. Click on it to lead your way into the “Windows Update” menu.
Inside the Windows update menu click on the “Change settings” tab. This tab can be most probably located inside the “Important Updates”. You will be able to select the settings as per your desire and requirement in the menu that creeps down. In this menu you can trigger the Windows by permitting them to download and install updates with your authentication.
Now select the frequency of the updates from the “Install new updates” menu by choosing either any specific day or every day with a time. Once you have selected such a day or date, Windows will automatically do the update itself.
If you are a user that gives importance to the performance of your computer, then go to the tab with the label “Recommended updates” and click on that to set it. This feature will automatically download and install all the software updates and plug-ins that isn’t exclusively necessary.
If you are confused about anything in this article, feel free to get in touch with Microsoft by dialing up their toll free Windows support number.

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