Monday, March 17, 2014

Windows Phone Store To Release Instagram Without Video Support

Instagram is a social networking service that helps a user to take a photo, apply some editing and finally upload this edited picture in popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. The most important feature of the Instagram application is that it helps to make a photo in square shape just like the Polaroid and Kodak Instamatic photos images. This aspect ratio of the image is completely different from the cameras used in mobile devices. The most interesting part of this application is that, it helps the user to record and share videos having a length of 15 seconds. All these features make this app a popular one.

There is no question over the fact that Microsoft is the leader when it comes to PC related products. However, when it comes to phones, there is a little doubt in its popularity. Only Recently, Microsoft released a Smartphone platform named as Windows Phone. During the first three years after the release, Windows phone struggled a lot to exist in the market since there was a strong competition from other manufacturers.

This is mainly due to the lack of exciting applications and games in the Windows Phone store. The other platforms like Android and Mac store have huge number of apps and game titles and therefore attract majority of the smartphone users. However, Microsoft is trying to make up by entering deals with various app developers for exciting apps and games. This was confirmed by contacting the Windows support number.

Recently, Microsoft announced the introduction of the Instagram app in the new Windows phone 8 and only the Windows phone 8 users will be able to use this app. The users of Windows phone 8 can download this application from the Windows Store and Live tiles will be there for the app and on the Start screen, these tiles will refresh with new data. Support for fast resume is also included in the app.

However, certain features are not included in the app like video capturing and uploading of videos. Reports coming from the Instagram suggest that few features have been left out from the first version of the app since they have to roll this app quickly to all the customers. However, the company ensures the users that plenty of new improvements will be seen in the coming version.

In-app image capture is another feature that both Microsoft and Instagram repeatedly ensured the users. However, it was not included in the free version and only the official app users will be able to use this feature. Clicking the camera icon will help you to take pictures and the app will auto select that image and will help to upload it to social networking sites.

To know more on the story, contact the Windows support number. You can also check out the official Windows Phone Store to try the app!

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