Sunday, March 2, 2014

Guidelines For Checking Driver Details In Windows 7

In the past, Microsoft would release an operating system once in five years or within an even longer time frame. But now, it is different. The tech giant released a crucial update to Windows 8, which was released in Oct 2012, after just one year. It is even rumoured that the company is working on and is planning to release Windows 9 soon.

Do users need to upgrade hardware components to run the latest Windows operating systems?
These frequent updates of Windows operating systems have confused many users. Most people still believe that they need to upgrade their hardware components to make them compatible with the latest Windows operating systems. But experts suggest that users only need to get the latest drivers for their existing hardware peripherals to make them compatible with latest Windows operating system. For instance, if you are currently running Windows 7 on your machine, you can upgrade to Windows 8 without changing or upgrading the hardware. All you need for this is the latest Windows 8 drivers.

Device Manager

Device Manager is the place where you would find the driver version details. It can be found in Control Panel. The following steps explain how to reach device manager and find the driver version details in a Windows 7 running machine.

  • Turn on your computer and navigate to the Start button.
  • Select Control Panel from the resulting menu list.
  • Locate the search box titled Search Control Panel and enter Device Manager in the type field and press the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • When the result appears, select Device Manager.
  • Browse through the list of component drivers and locate the ones that you wish to view the driver version details. To view the details, expand the specific component driver.
  • When you expand the driver, a pop up window will appear. To view the driver version in the pop up window, navigate to the tab titled Driver.
  • Now, visit website of the respective Windows operating system you are planning to upgrade to. For instance, if you plan to upgrade to Windows 8, check the information on Windows 8 drivers and compare it with the current Driver version. If they do not match, you will have to download and install the latest drivers.
Following the above instructions, you would be able to check your driver version before upgrading to the latest Windows operating system. Contact the Windows help line if you have any other concerns.

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