Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Windows Tablets Suffer As Many Popular Apps Still Absent In Windows 8

Market reports suggest that tablets based on Windows operating systems perform poor when compared to tablets from Apple or other Android based tablets. So, why does this happen? A recent study revealed that the poor Windows 8 support for apps could be the major reason for this trouble. According to the study, the tablets with Windows operating system do not include many of the popular apps in the market that are readily available on tablets based on other operating systems.

According to Nick Landry, who is the product manager at Infragistics, Windows Store does not have about half of the popular apps in the market. Some of these missing apps include Facebook, Vine, YouTube, Pandora and Instagram. You will also not find another popular app for professionals, LinkedIn in it. If you are keen on news and current affairs, you will still be disappointed with a Windows tablet, as it does not include the apps for BBC News, Bloomberg and Flipboard. Banking can also be a difficult job with a Windows tablet since it does not include the apps for some of the most popular banks in the world like Chase and Citibank.

Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy says that "The numbers just reinforce the challenge that Windows 8 still has in apps. Windows 8 still doesn't support the No. 1 social app, Facebook, the No. 1 paid-content app, HBO GO, the No. 1 sports app, Watch ESPN. These, and others, are the same apps that I've been griping about for over a year, and they're still not supported."

Experts say that this drawback or lack of apps may not be a challenge when it comes to desktop or laptop computers. However, when it comes to tablet computers, these apps are going to play a major role as tablet users may find it difficult to open the webpage for these corresponding apps and view the content.

Even though the lack of apps for Windows 8 tablets is a major concern, a recent report from IDC finds that there is a small rise in the market share of Windows 8 tablets. About 4 percent of tablet users are working on a device with Windows 8 OS. Keep in mind that this figure stood at one percent last year.

Reports suggest that Microsoft is getting ready to provide more Windows 8 support for apps. The company says that apps are getting ready for Flipboard and Facebook and we may see the release of other popular apps soon.

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