Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tutorial To Open Ports In Windows XP

Windows XP operating system is well known for its bundled security utilities, which make it suitable for use in both home and business desktops. The user-friendly features along with added security are the secret behind the wide approval of this operating system. The built-in Internet Connection Firewall program is one such security feature included in Windows XP operating system. It can promote system security by controlling the ports that are open on the system and deciding which programs can send and receive data through these ports.
This control over ports can prevent any sorts of malicious content from getting into your computer, thus greatly improving resistance to virus threats. However, sometimes the Internet Connection Firewall does not open certain specific ports by default. In such a situation, you have to modify the Windows XP settings to open up such ports. Here I am including Microsoft help guidelines that will assist you to open ports in Windows XP manually.

Help to open ports in Windows XP operating system

Start the procedure to open ports in a Windows XP computer by clicking on the Start button located on the bottom left corner of your Windows desktop screen.
Click on the My Network Places option from the Start Menu and then select the View Network Connections button, which is located below the Network Tasks option.
Place the pointer of your mouse over the Internet Connection button and then select the Properties option from the menu that pops up on your screen.
Click on the Advanced button and then click on the Settings option in order to open the Settings window on the screen of your computer.
Click on the Add button and then type in a name for the open port, which is displayed on the Description box. Type into the Name or IP address of the computer hosting this service on your network entry box. Into the External port and Internal port boxes, enter the port number that you want to get opened. Select whether you want to use a TCP or an UDP port.
Finally, click on the OK button after you have completed all the steps mentioned above. Exit from all the dialog boxes that are open in your computer and then restart your Windows XP computer.
You can get advanced tech support from online Microsoft help resources. However for activating a port in Windows XP, the above described method is enough and quite helpful.

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