Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Comparison Between Windows 7 And Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft as a successor to Windows 7. However, when comparing Windows 7 vs Windows 8, there are quite a few points that need to be considered. Even though the Windows 8 operating system is blessed with plenty of features and functions, Windows 7 remains on top when considering the OS market share. This means that Windows 7 is still more popular than Windows 8. Now, let’s compare both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

One of the biggest advantages of using Windows 8 is its lesser boot up time. It was found that the new operating system takes very little time to boot up completely when compared to previous versions and in fact, it is reduced by nearly 33 percent. Moreover, it was found that Windows 8 OS only takes 18 seconds to boot up whereas the boot time for Windows 7 is 27 seconds, if you are using Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB HDD. This means that the SSD users can boot Windows 8 in lesser time.

There are also some major differences when considering the time taken to shut down for both of the operating systems. It was found that Windows 8 only takes 8 seconds to shut down whereas a Windows 7 computer takes nearly 12 seconds for the same purpose. Windows 8 has also shown a marginal improvement regarding the Wake up from Sleep time. In fact, Windows 8 requires only 10 seconds for waking up from sleep whereas the wake up from sleep time for Windows 7 is 13 seconds when using the standard hard disk types. Since the laptops have special power saving modes, a Windows 7 laptop only takes less than 5 seconds to recover from sleep mode.

When taking the comparison regarding the browsers, one of the most efficient browsers so far is Chrome v21. Even though IE10 performed better than Windows 7 when we ran the Mozilla Kraken benchmark test, the same was not the case in the Google V8 test. Hence, it is evident that Google and Firefox internet browsers perform much better in Windows 8 when compared to Windows 7 operating system.

From all the above points, it is clear that Windows 8 stands out much superior to the all other versions of the Windows OS and hence offers a solid foundation for work or play. For more Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparisons, check out the Windows tech support page.

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