Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Alliances And Cloud Offerings Announced By Microsoft

Microsoft is always innovative and tends to search for new ideas to make their products more user friendly and popular. One such effort taken by Microsoft to remove the barriers from cloud adoption is by starting new partnerships and products with the assumption that most of the businesses will tend to rely on cloud services more by the year 2017. Brad Anderson, the Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise edition said that the future of the business depends on mobility/Cloud and that “the future is now.”

He said, “Our differentiated Cloud innovations, comprehensive mobile productivity solutions and developer tools help all of our customers realize the true potential of the Cloud era." As a part of their project, to launch wide range of new products, Microsoft used the TechEd North American forum, which is similar to Microsoft help forum. The new product includes the introduction of private connections to the Cloud. Moreover, there is Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, which will help the users to make connections that are private between on premises environment and Azure.

By starting partnerships with companies like Equinix, BT, AT&T, TelecityGroup, SingTel, Zadara Storage and Verizon, new options for embracing the cloud will be offered by ExpressRoute. This will also include some features like security, low latency, fast speeds, and other reliability features. By enabling a single file share from multiple virtual machines, Microsoft Azure files streamline the cloud storage. This will help to save huge sums of money and time. In addition, Microsoft also introduced some computer-intensive virtual machines, reserved IP addresses and in-region and cross-region virtual networking connections.

The preview of the Azure API Management is also available and the users can make use of it to create new business models and to improve the inter-departmental information sharing. This is mainly done by revealing APIs with the use of cloud based services. In the coming month, we will see the introduction of the preview of Azure Site Recovery, which was formerly called as Hyper-V Recovery Manager. With the introduction of this, the users can recover the files more effectively and by paying lesser costs.

With this new feature, a customer can easily recover or replicate virtual machines in Windows Azure, if any error or failure occurs in the main datacenters. Moreover, Microsoft is also introducing a preview of Microsoft Antimalware for Azure, which will help the users to install antivirus software for both virtual machines and cloud services. For more news and information regarding this, refer the Microsoft help forum.

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